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Ahvaz Executive Committee condemns execution of 22 people by regime

The executive committee for the restoration of legitimacy of the Arab Ahwaz state condemned Sunday the crime reportedly committed by the Iranian regime, concerning the execution of 22 young people from Iran's Ahvaz.

The 22 people were executed in one of Iran's prisons, according to reports, over allegations of involvement in the Ahvaz attack that took place in September.

Aref al-Kaabi, head of the Executive Committee, described the decision by the Iranian regime as a "crime committed under the pretext of involvement in the Ahvaz incident."

"Ahvaz people are the top victim of this terrorist state (Iran)," Kaabi said, adding that Iran practices terrorism on daily basis. He further added that the 22 people reportedly executed had been arrested from all Ahvaz cities, and were executed without a verdict.

Iran executed about 22 people, according to unconfirmed reports, over accusations of carrying out an attack on a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahwaz. ISIS formerly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Some of the families of those allegedly executed were informed by the Revolutionary Court on Thursday, according to sources.
Last Modified: Monday، 12 November 2018 03:38 PM