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Why Washington Post would publish article for Houthi leader


The policy of the Washington Post recently has raised many questions concerning the editor-in-chief of such prestigious institution. Is he really a veteran American journalist who is keen to show the truth?

Why should the editor of the Washington Post turn the newspaper into a platform defending the Muslim Brotherhood's terrorist tendencies, Iranian and Houthi views, and spreading these extremist views in the world.

Washington Post publishing article for Houthi leader

The Washington Post published an article written by a Houthi leader who cannot write or read at all. So who wrote it and who brought it to this global press platform?

The newspaper published an article by Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, head of the so-called Supreme Revolutionary Committee, in which he attacked the Saudi-led coalition and attacked US President Donald Trump's administration.

Hodeidah defeats

Houthi wrote in his article that the continued escalation of attacks against the city of Hodeidah in Yemen by what he called the US-Saudi alliance confirms that the US call for a cease-fire is nothing but just words.

We love peace, we are ready for peace, the peace of the brave, he said. We are ready to stop the missiles if the Saudi-led coalition stops its air raids, he added, referring to the ballistic missiles fired by insurgents towards the kingdom.

Who would have imagined that a war criminal like Mohamed Ali al-Houthi would claim a desire for peace in the Washington Post? Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid al-Yamani wrote on his Twitter account. Iran's agents started to find their way to the American press.

What Washington Post aims for?

Observers considered that publishing the article is part of the campaign the newspaper has launched against Saudi Arabia to stop Saudi Arabia from regaining its influential role in leading the Islamic world.


Last Modified: Monday، 12 November 2018 12:38 AM