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National Coalition denies nominating Allawi for Defense Minister post


The National Coalition denied on Sunday, reports about the nomination of its head Iyad Allawi to lead the Ministry of Defense, in the new Iraqi government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

A statementsaid that some media recently reported leaks to some (weak souls) who are chasing behind positions of responsibility, and think that everyone is going in this direction, that the leader of the National Coalition, Dr. Iyad Allawi has nominated himself for the post of Minister of Defense.

The coalition denies the rumors and confirms that Dr. Allawi had never nominated himself for any position. However, he nominated several names for this position instead, a statement by the coalition read.

The National Coalition calls on media platforms to investigate the accuracy of news before publishing them, the statement read.

We also note that the post of Minister of Defense is part of the National Coalition's share in the government, adding that Hisham Darraji is not a candidate for the coalition, and was not among the names submitted by Allawi for the ministry.

Local media reported earlier Allawi's alleged efforts to become the Minister of Defense, amid a Sunni rejection.

For its part, the National Axis Alliance said that the alliance has entitlement of the Defense Ministry, asserting that Allawi is unable to manage any political action.

Last Modified: Monday، 12 November 2018 12:17 AM