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Saairun MP urges Babylon people to protest against governor selection


Saairun Alliance MP Mohammed Reza from Babylon called on the people of the province to protest against the manner in which the new governor was selected.

Saairun Alliance and a number of members of the provincial council called for launching an investigation into the mechanism of electing the governor, as they say they got information confirming the position was sold for "partisan" purposes.

A $5 million political deal was held to sell Babylon's governorship to Karrar Abadi, sources revealed. Following his election by the provincial council, President Barham Salih officially appointed him as the province's governor on Wednesday.

Reza called on the people of the province to continue their demonstrations, saying that the security forces have a duty to protect them according to the constitution, adding that an appeal would be submitted to the judiciary against the legitimacy of the Abadi's election.


Last Modified: Thursday، 08 November 2018 10:55 PM