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MPs to sign petition to dismiss 4 ministers in new government: Khalidi


Mohamed Khalidi, head of the parliamentary bloc Banners of Benevolence, announced on Thursday that parliament members would be asked to sign a petition to dismiss four current ministers, including the ministers of communications and youth and sports.

Khalidi said in a press statement that a number of parliament members began seeking MPs' signatures during Thursday's session to dismiss four ministers in Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's government.

Confirmed information reveals that newly appointed Youth Minister Ahmed al-Obeidi was an official leader in ISIS, lawmaker Talal al-Zobaie said, expecting that Obeidi would be sacked soon.

"Efforts have been carried out to dismiss the minister of youth and sports in light of the accusation of him belonging to ISIS," Zobaie said in a TV statement. He noted that a confirmed report has reached Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi concerning Obeidi.

Zobaie also called for punishing the bloc that allowed the nomination of Obeidi and to review the mechanism according to which he was chosen.


Last Modified: Thursday، 08 November 2018 08:02 PM