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Par'l holds off vote on remaining key ministries

Iraq Parliament

The Iraqi Parliament convened on Tuesday to discuss the remaining key ministries in the new government formation, however, no votes were lined up on who would head the ministries.

The remaining ministries include the defense and the interior ministries, not to mention several official vacancies at government authorities.

On October, lawmakers finally approved 14 ministers out of 22, while thanks to division between parties, the remaining eight ministries were not put to vote at the time.

During the session, representatives discussed the 2019 budget and a number of pressing issues such as the mysterious deaths of thousands of fish in the Euphrates.

No new date was announced for a vote of confidence on the new ministries.

Iraq held elections in May for the 329-member parliament, which has selected Barham Saleh as president.

The new government faces an immense task in rebuilding a country ravaged by the war against IS, fierce sectarian infighting and the US-led 2003 invasion.

It will also have to deal with the scourges of corruption, power shortages and decaying public services.

Iraq is governed by a power-sharing arrangement which reserves the post of prime minister for a Shiite Muslim, parliament speaker for a Sunni, and the presidency for a Kurd.