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Official figures reveal mullahs' corruption over four decades

iran child labor

Official Iranian figures have been leaked indicating the extent of the failure of the mullahs' policies for four decades and the resulting miserable conditions for the citizens.

The second batch of US sanctions on Iran entered into force this week, targeting the country's vital oil and financial sectors, three months after a first package targeting steel, aluminum, technology and some economic entities.

While Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that his country would "proudly defend against the US sanctions,” facts over the past six months would seem to make it difficult to move against the sanctions.

On March 11, a member of the Iranian parliament's economic committee, Shehab Naderi, reported that 80 percent of Iranians were living below the poverty line at a meeting with Iran’s Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Security Ali Rabie.

According to a report by the official IRNA news agency in February, the Higher Labor Council, a trade union, confirmed that the monthly minimum wage was $160, while the minimum living costs of a family of four was about $600.

According to Iranian officials, 11 million workers’ families live below the poverty line, while about 7 million workers receive the minimum wage.

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Abu Qasim Fayrouz Abadi said that 12 million people live in absolute poverty in Iran and urgently need assistance, while there is no plan of action to help them.

For his part, Rabie admitted the existence of 40 million poor people in Iran who need financial, health and housing assistance.