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Assaulting state employees is attack on state: PM


Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi affirmed that senior officials must respect the law, adding that violations against state employees will be dealt with as an attack against the state.

Abdul Mahdi praised the two members of the Traffic Police who were attacked for fulfilling their duties by security guards of an official. He added that the law must apply to everyone.

Abdul Mahdi thanked the two traffic police personnel for their courage in performing their duty.

He said that Iraq's security forces, including the traffic police, are working hard to achieve security, stability and law enforcement, which positively impacts the lives of citizens and the country, adding that it requires everyone to support them to perform their duties.

Activists earlier posted a video on social networking sites showing members of the traffic police being assaulted by security guards of the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Riad Al Adad, in Aden Square.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 06 November 2018 09:08 PM