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Political blocs not yet settled on candidates for remaining ministries: MP


Candidates for remaining ministries will not be voted on in Tuesday's parliamentary session as political blocs have not yet settled on candidates, Nasr Alliance's MP Thawra Kadhim revealed.

The political blocs are still exerting pressure on Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi to get their electoral entitlement of the remaining eight ministries, Kadhim said.

Kadhim, an MP of Basra, said that the Basra MPs' suspension of their membership in parliament will be useless and will not represent a pressure on the government in case their number was not large enough to influence the quorum within the parliament, which requires more than 20 people.

A number of MPs from Basra announced earlier that they are suspending their membership in the parliament until their demands concerning the appointment of two ministers from the oil-rich province is met.

Basra MP Oday Awad expressed his discontent over the dissatisfying representation of Basra people in Abdul Mahdi's government, saying that hopes of better representation were wrecked by the extent of negligence that Basra faced in the formation of the current government.

The usual session of the parliament is set to be held on Tuesday at 1 pm, while the session's agenda does not include voting on the remaining ministries.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 06 November 2018 01:43 AM