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Hezbollah created obstacle to formation of Hariri's government


Lebanese Parliament Member Mohammed Suleiman said that the Hezbollah militia has created an obstacle to the formation of the Lebanese government for personal purposes.

Suleiman said that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah knows very well that four of the six MPs from the March 8 Alliance who the party wants to be appointed as ministers are members of three parliamentary blocs that would already be represented in the new government.

Suleiman expressed his appreciation of Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri for rejecting this demand, as it is unconstitutional, in light of their keenness to protect national unity in Lebanon. He stressed that the Lebanese people will not accept Hezbollah's attempts to disrupt their lives.

He added that the government needs to be formed as soon as possible in order to achieve stability in the country and address its various problems, including the economic situation.


Last Modified: Monday، 05 November 2018 10:12 PM