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Bahrain condemns Qatari interference in kingdom's judiciary

Bahrain reiterates its categorical rejection of any attempt to interfere or call into question the integrity and independence of the judicial authority of the kingdom by any other state regarding any case that is still under examination or has been decided upon.

In this context, the kingdom strongly condemns what has been issued by Qatar following the final judgment of the Court of Appeal regarding the Qatari spying case and imposing just punishments against those who were proven to have committed violations and cooperated with foreign bodies to harm the interests of Bahrain, Bahrain News Agency reported on Monday.

Bahrain's Foreign Affairs Ministry affirms that such rejected calls come as part of the Qatari strategy to distract the public opinion from the isolation it has chosen for itself and therefore harmed its brotherly people.

The ministry adds that it is not unusual for a country that provides different forms of support for violence, extremism and terrorism, causing instability and tension in the region, as well as its interference in the internal affairs of other countries in disregard of international law, principles and good neighborliness and mutual respect for other countries’ sovereignty and independence.