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Alliance Toward Reforms calls PM to reconsider potential ministerial candidates

Coalition of Alliance Toward Reforms
The coalition of Alliance Toward Reforms

The coalition of Alliance Toward Reforms called Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi to reconsider the eight potential candidates for the remaining ministerial posts, pointing out that the coalition will abstain from voting if the same previous ministries names were presented.


The coalition MP, Salman al- Gharibawi stated that “Political talks are going within the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction to get a unified position ahead of the parliamentary session on Tuesday

The parliament announced that Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi will not introduce candidates for the remaining ministerial portfolios during the parliamentary session scheduled for the middle of next week.

The parliament noted that Abdul Mahdi preferred to appoint current ministers to manage the vacant portfolios.

Last Wednesday, the parliament voted to grant confidence to Abdul Mahdi and 14 candidates in his cabinet, while the vote was postponed for the candidates of the eight other ministries to the next parliament session on November 6. It is now unknown when Abdul Mahdi will fill the remaining posts.

Many of Abdul Mahdi's nominees were found to be controversial among the various political blocs, such as former IMIS Commander Faleh al-Fayyid, who was not approved to lead the Interior Ministry. Basra MPs and residents were also furious at the lack of representation from the oil-rich province that has been suffering from contaminated waters and a lack of basic services.

Last Modified: Monday، 05 November 2018 01:08 PM