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Saudis under attack, Houthi militia greatest threat on planet: UK official


Chairman of the Commons Committees on Arms Exports Controls Graham Jones said in an interview with BBC Radio, that Saudis are under attack by the Houthi militia that use "hi-tech missiles."

Jones likened the missile attacks carried out by Houthi militia on Saudi targets to Nazi attacks on Britain during the World War II.

“You talk about the humanitarian disaster of course. This is caused by Ansar Allah (Houthi militia),” Jones said in remarks cited by the Independent.

Jones described the Iran-backed militia using such missiles as "the greatest threat on the planet."

“We had, what, 1,300 V2 rockets fired into the UK during World War Two? The Saudis have now faced over 200 long-range ballistic missiles, Iranian-made missiles. That is a very serious issue.”


Last Modified: Monday، 05 November 2018 01:03 AM