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Can Abdul Mahdi finish forming government amid political disputes?


New Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi is in a very critical situation as some influential political parties insist on their candidates to the new government.

It seems that the disputes between the political blocs on the nomination of the rest of the ministers will affect the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Political parties insist on the candidates they have nominated for the ministries despite objections from blocs and parties.

Abdul Mahdi may not be able to complete the formation of the new government during the parliamentary session scheduled on Tuesday, due to these disputes. Only 14 ministers were chosen so far.

Saairun Alliance announced earlier an agreement between the political blocs that aims to pass four ministers, but MP of Benaa coalition Hamid al-Moussawi said that news circulated about such agreement is incorrect, denying that the agreement had took place.

Saairun's Qusay al-Yasiri said there is a dispute between Saairun and Fatah alliance on choosing a candidate for the post of the Minister of Interior, adding that the Fatah is still insisting on the nomination of the controversial candidate Faleh al-Fayadh for the ministry while Saairun rejects the former advisor of the National Security Council.

Saairun called on the political blocs to ask Abdul Mahdi about his opinion concerning the candidates of the remaining ministers, without insisting on their candidates.

Spokesman of the Benaa coalition, MP Ahmed al-Asadi, said that Benaa and Saairun agreed to leave the choice of selecting the ministers to Abdul Mahdi. Asadi suggested choosing MPs as ministers, saying that an MP would be then "stronger in obtaining the rights of his people."

Concerning Justice Ministry, Asadi said that objection to the candidate of the Ministry of Justice was due to age and experience, adding that the political blocs are insisting on their candidates so far for the ministries postponed.

Most of the political powers have expressed their refusal to Abdul Mahdi concerning nominating Asmaa al-Chaldani for the post of the Minister of Justice in the new government, sources revealed.

The political powers object Chaldani's appointment in such important post, due to her little expertise, which may not allow her, to take such critical decisions related to the ministry, including handing death penalties, the sources added.


Last Modified: Monday، 05 November 2018 12:56 AM