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Iraq deploys 30,000 fighters to secure Syrian border from ISIS

A huge deployment of up to 30,000 fighters has been ordered along Iraq's western border amid fears that Islamic State could enter from Syria in a repeat of its 2014 offensive.

Two Iraqi Army brigades, each comprising 3,000 to 5,000 troops, have been redeployed to border areas over the past two days in order to prevent extremist fighters crossing over, according to the Iraqi military, Euronews reported.

In addition, Shiite Muslim militias known as the Iranian Militia in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), announced that 20,000 fighters have been redeployed to the same border "to provide border security after some Syrian villages fell under the control of ISIS."

Iraq is desperate to avoid a repeat of the losses is sustained four years ago when the extremist Sunni Muslim group took over the province of Nineveh and declared a caliphate before spreading further into Iraq.

Many areas of Syria and Iraq were only recently liberated from ISIS control, although Iraq's western province of Anbar is still home to many of the group's militants.