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Protests re-erupt in Basra to solve province's crises

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Dozens of people demonstrated in Basra on Friday evening in Abdul Karim Qassim square, calling on the government to provide them with social and political rights.

The protestors called for more job opportunities, a solution to the water problem, provision of services and choosing candidates from Basra for the ministries in Adel Abdul Mahdi's government.

The protesters called on the government to fulfill the pledges it made to Basra by improving situation of the province and solving its problems. They also called on the government to choose ministers from Basra and not to marginalize the province.

A number of MPs from Basra announced on Thursday that they are suspending their membership in the parliament until their demand concerning appointing two ministers from the oil-rich province is met.

Basra MP Oday Awad expressed his discontent over the dissatisfyingrepresentation of Basra people in Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's government, saying that hopes of better representation were wrecked by the extent of negligence that Basra faced in the formation of the current government.


Last Modified: Friday، 02 November 2018 10:05 PM