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Parliament to return Mosul's fall case to priorities, punish defaulters


The Iraqi parliament has announced its intention to launch a comprehensive investigation, concerning the fall of Mosul, and to punish the defaulters, according to the law, Satar al-Otaibi, an MP of Saairun Alliance, revealed on Friday.

"The Parliament will return the Mosul's fall case to the list of priorities, and defaulters will be brought to judgment," Otaibi said in a statement, adding that the issue had been postponed for years, due to the involvement of prominent figures in the crime.

Otaibi said that one-third of Mosul was occupied by ISIS as it had suffered a security setback, due to rampant corruption in the state at the time, and the reliance on obsolete security plans.
Last Modified: Friday، 02 November 2018 08:26 PM