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Iran's economy plagued by major problems: former Iranian min.

Abbas Akhoundi
Abbas Akhoundi

Iran's economy is suffering from major problems that have plagued its structure for a long time, Iran’s former Transportation Minister Abbas Akhoundi said, adding that the government of President Hassan Rouhani is evading reality and has no transparent rhetoric.

Akhoundi also said that the cabinet reshuffle policy was futile, because Rouhani's government had not succeeded in bridging the deep social gap due to its lack of strategy, adding that the government's reshuffle does not mean a change in the way crises will be handled.

The Iranian parliament gave confidence to the four ministers proposed by Rouhani after the previous ministers were sacked in wake of the worsening economic crisis hitting the country.

Iran’s economy has plummeted following US President Donald Trump’s reinstitution of sanctions against the mullah regime, with new sanctions tackling Iran’s oil sector set to be introduced Sunday. There have been widespread protests against regime, fueled by the worsening economy, inflation, unemployment, lack of food and basic services, and the mullahs’ support of terrorism at the expense of the Iranian people.