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Houthi attempts to implement Iranian project have failed: Dubaish

Wadah al-Dubaish
Wadah al-Dubaish

Yemeni Field Commander of the Giants Brigade Wadah al-Dubaish said the Iranian-backed Houthi militias are taking every available means to implement the Iranian project in Yemen, adding that their attempts have failed.

The Houthi militias have recently been staging attempts to break through the Hodeidah line, Dubaish stated, adding that the Arab coalition and Yemeni forces fighting the Houthi rebels have been successful in thwarting their attempts.

Dubaish stressed that the Arab coalition’s air support had a prominent role in the process of reconnaissance and accurately identifying targets, including targeting and destroying a training camp for militias in Hodeidah, which killed and wounded hundreds of Houthi terrorists.

Houthi terrorists had been carrying out suicide attempts, killing and wounding hundreds of people, but Yemeni forces have managed to seize many weapons and ammunition controlled by Houthi militias.