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Susan Rice, is Iran only a Saudi problem?

What Danish security service chief Finn Borch Andersen revealed on Tuesday about the involvement of Iran’s agents in preparing for a terrorist attack in Denmark is an additional new evidence to the nature of the threat embodied by the ruling Khomeini regime in Tehran.

“We are dealing with an Iranian intelligence agency planning an attack on Danish soil. Obviously, we can’t and won’t accept that,” Andersen said.

Before that, the French authorities expelled Iranian diplomats because of the proven involvement of Iranian agents and diplomats affiliated with the Iranian intelligence in planning a terrorist attack in France against an Iranian opposition gathering. The perpetrators prepared for the attack from neighboring Belgium.

These are quick examples which happened around the same time and which express the essence of the Iranian behavior in Europe whose politicians defend keeping the (political) nuclear deal with its Khomeini regime.

This “bad” deal was overturned by US President Donald Trump in a way that sparked the rage of the Obama movement, including the “tailor” of the deal former US Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama’s closest advisor, who inherits his temper, Susan Rice.

Within the context of riding the wave of the raging attack using the Jamal Khashoggi case, Rice expanded the scope of her attack on Saudi Arabia and on Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman – the man behind the vision, change and the new Saudi Arabia.

Real agenda

The real agenda of the Obama movement has been clearly exposed long before the Khashoggi case. Khashoggi’s case was thus a mere excuse in Rice’s attack on Saudi Arabia in her article in the New York Times.

Mrs. Rice is angry at the new Saudi Arabia and President Trump, and among her frank excuses as to why she is this angry, is because Saudi Arabia boycotted Qatar, America’s friendly ally.

What’s more dangerous, according to the loyal wise politician Rice, is her criticism of Saudi Arabia because “it urged Trump to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran!”

The picture is crystal clear. It’s as if putting up with the Iranian behavior, the way it was during Obama’s era, in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon...etc. is good and beneficial for the US itself.

Problems with Iran

It’s as if America does not have its own problems with Iran, regardless of Saudi Arabia. Iran’s operations against the US, ever since the establishment of the Khomeini regime, are no secret.

There aren’t only explosions and assassinations and the establishment of hostile militias as America was also poisoned with the consequences of drugs and money laundering as seen in the famous Project Cassandra which Susan’s president, i.e. Obama, pretended not to notice.

Another example is the explosion of the Pan Am flight and the death of all civilian passengers on board above Lockerbie in Scotland in December 1988.

Years later, it turned out that the real culprit is the Iranian regime and not Qaddafi, as published by the Daily Mail which cited a book by American writer Douglas Boyd.

The question is: Mrs. Rice, is Iran’s problem only with Saudi Arabia?