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Ministers face impeachment if over corruption, de-Baathification: MP

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MP Shirwan Qader said on Wednesday that the Parliament would withdraw confidence from any minister in the government of Adil Abdul Mahdi in case it was proven that he was involved in corruption or de-Baathification.

Qader said in a press statement that the Parliament had sent a letter to the Accountability and Justice Authority, to check whether the news spread on the media, concerning the involvement of some ministers in the new government in corruption and De-Baathification, is true or not.

He added that if any minister was found guilty of these charges, he would face impeachment.

The House of Representatives gave confidence earlier to 14 ministers in the government of Abdul Mahdi and decided to postpone the vote on 8 others to November.
Last Modified: Thursday، 01 November 2018 01:20 AM