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Iranian entities condemn rise of violence in country


Human rights organizations and Iranian opposition groups have issued a joint statement denouncing the rise of violence in the country against wildlife activists, political opposition figures and others.

Four opposition parties and organizations, including the Union of Iranian Republicans, Iranian National Front and other organizations, said that the police forces have now dominated all political, social and civilian opposition, the statement read. Criticism and protest against Iran's regime has become dangerous due to the mass arrests and assassinations carried out by the regime.

Victims of human rights violations in Iran have expanded to include teachers, students, journalists, women, ethnic minorities, independent political organizations, academics and lawyers, the statement added.

The Iranian opposition parties have pointed out that the mysterious death of prominent environmentalist Farshid Hakki confirms Tehran's intention to intimidate opponents after it had assassinated Hakki in his car and set him on fire.

The opposition entities called on the Iranian judiciary to conduct immediate, fair and transparent investigations into the killing of Hakki, as well as to  grant defendants the freedom to choose defense lawyers.

They also highlighted the government's increasing violence against activists in the southern province of Ahwaz recently, as well as the abduction of teachers' rights activist Hashem Khastar by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.


Ali Khamenei's regime has been facing mass protests throughout the country for roughly a year due to widespread unemployment, the suffering economy, the regime's corruption and support of terrorism, and repression.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 October 2018 11:54 PM