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Ongoing investigations to reveal cause of fish deaths in Babylon

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The Iraqi Agriculture Ministry said Monday that investigations are continuing to reveal the cause behind the death of fish in floating cages in Babylon.

The ministry said it did not rule out the possibility that clashes between fish farm directors and importers could be the reason behind the fish deaths, adding that the ministry will discover the actual cause.

In a statement, the director general of the Environment Protection and Improvement Department in the Middle Euphrates region, Karim Askar, stressed the necessity to strengthen the monitoring system and enforce laws to stop the environmental violations that are occurring.

Askar added that an environmental examination had been conducted to investigate the fish deaths in floating cages located at the scene.


The incident of fish dying is not uncommon these days in Iraq, as Basra's contaminated water have also resulted in Mass fish deaths. Iraq's federal government has been accused of negligence due to the lack of basic services and the pollution of the environment.


Basra residents have been protesting the area's degradation and the inability to supply life's basic needs. They have also threatened to renew protests due to lack of representation in the new government of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, asserting their right to a number of ministries, including that of water resources.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 October 2018 09:30 PM