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Political powers may challenge legality of Abdul Mahdi's gov't


Political powers are moving to challenge the parliamentary session that granted confidence to some ministers chosen by Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi for the new government, sources revealed.

The parliament session held to give confidence to Abdul Mahdi and his government witnessed many legal violations, the source added.

Some of the ministers in the session did not get the confidence of the majority of the MPs, the source said. However, the leadership announced granting confidence to them, the source said, asserting that the parliament's leadership had suffered political pressure.

Political parties are considering providing compact disks of the illegal session to the judicial authorities in order to disclose the voting process, which was carried out illegally, the source said, adding that most of the ministers had  been granted confidence in an unconstitutional and illegal way.

Abdul Mahdi was sworn in as prime minister last week after a heated parliamentary session was held between parties and blocs over choosing ministers in the new cabinet.

In addition to Abdul Mahdi, 14 of the 22 ministers got parliamentary confidence, amid disagreements over sovereign ministries such as defense and interior ministries.

The National Council suggested on Saturday that Hisham al-Darraji, a candidate for the Defense Ministry in Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's government, would be granted the post.

Instissar al-Jubouri, MP of the coalition, said that a controversy was triggered over the ministry's candidate Faisal al-Jarba due to his connection with the former regime, adding that the parliament's majority objected to Jarba's appointment to the ministry.

Justice Ministry

Most of the political powers have expressed their refusal to Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi concerning nominating Asmaa al-Chaldani for the post of the Minister of Justice in the new government, sources revealed.

The political powers object Chaldani's appointment in such an important post due to her little expertise, which could prevent her from taking such critical decisions related to the ministry, including handing death penalties, the sources added.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 October 2018 08:40 PM