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Political powers reject Chaldani as Justice Minister candidate: sources


Most of the political powers have expressed their refusal to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi concerning nominating Asmaa al-Chaldani for the post of the Minister of Justice in the new government, sources revealed.

The political powers object Chaldani's appointment in such important post, due to her little expertise, which may not allow her, to take such critical decisions related to the ministry, including handing death penalties, the sources added.

In case Abdul Mahdi introduced Chaldani, as a candidate for the Ministry of Justice again, the Parliament's majority will not vote in her favor, said the sources, considering that Abdul Mahdi has to replace Chaldani with another candidate who can be approved for the post.

Asmaa, who is the youngest candidate in Abdul Mahdi's government, is the sister of Rayan al-Chaldani, the secretary general of Babylon Movement, an ethnic Chaldean political party.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 October 2018 12:14 AM