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Calls to trial Qatar's Tamim over his support to terrorist groups


Observers called on the International Criminal Court to hold an urgent international trial to the Qatari regime. They said that Qatari Emir Tamin bin Hamad is practicing what is known as state terrorism therefore. This regime could never continue ruling Qatar, because it is threatening the national and international security, and it endangers the whole Middle East.

They told The Baghdad Post that Qatar was not only supporting and directing international terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, ISIS, Nusra Front and Muslim Brotherhood but are also using these terrorist organizations to achieve their own interests, through the Qatari Intelligence service.

Backed by Qatar

A source in the Syrian opposition revealed that Ansar al-Bukhari, an emerging terrorist organization, receives financial support from Qatar while it receives military aid from Iran," adding that Ayman al-Tamimi who is believed to be the founder and the current leader of the group, has met over the past few months, with Qatari and Iranian figures near Aleppo in areas controlled by Iranian militias, the source added.

Sources in the Syrian opposition said that Iran and Qatar continue support to Ansar al-Bukhari terrorist group in Syria, and providing it with money and weapons, to replace ISIS and Nusra. The sources warned that the group is preparing to launch attacks in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Gulf states.

Ansar al-Bukhari has over 5,000 armed personnel, said Hesham Thaer, a Syrian officer in the Free Army. They have received weapons and ammunition from the Syrian regime's army. In addition, Iran has supplied them with missiles, heavy artillery and modern weapons, Thaer added.

Qatar provides the Nusra Front, which calls itself currently Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), with hundreds of millions of dollars. Qatar funds the group as it is considered the regime's military wing in Syria.

Over $1 billion to terrorists as ransom


Qatar was also accused of sending over one billion dollars to terrorists as ransom to free 28 members of its royal family who were kidnapped in Iraq in 2015, as they traveled to Iraq to hunt falcons.


Original texts and voice mails between Qatar's Foreign Minister and the country's ambassador to Iraq, were obtained by BBC,  have fueled the accusations.

According to the material obtained, General Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force; and Tahrir al-Sham, were part of the issue.

In a press conference in April, 2017, former Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, said that the Iraqi authorities seized a big number of large bags containing "hundreds of millions of dollars" travelling to Iraq. The money was allegedly sent as ransom to terrorist organizations in Iraq.

“Imagine that hundreds of millions are given to the armed groups!" Abadi stated.


The fate of this money was never disclosed but it revealed how the Qatari regime is supporting and funding terrorist groups around the globe especially in the Middle East within its sincere efforts to destabilize the region like its attempts in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon.

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