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Yaqoobi calls on Abdul Mahdi to prove his cabinet's innocence of corruption charges


The Iraqi Shia Marja, Mohammad al-Yaqoobi, called on the prime minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and the ministers of his newly formed cabinet to prove they are innocent of terrorism and corruption accusations.

The second most widely followed Marja in Iraq also called on the officials to slam the accusations saying that they joined the Arab Socialist Baath Party.

"The people had a glimmer of hope in the new government that it would be a national government providing security, services and a booming economy, but today, after the declaration of the identities of its members, this hope evaporated," Yaqoobi said in a statement, adding that the new government included people who were accused of corruption and forging certificates, while some were also accused of joining the Baath party and possessing two nationalities.

Yaqoobi called on the Parliament members, especially those who voted to give confidence to those who are not eligible, to impeach those ministries, in case it has been proven they are guilty of such charges.

The parliament voted in favor of Fuad Hussein as new finance minsiter, Thamir al-Ghadhban as oil minister, Benkeen Rekani as Construction and Housing minister, and Mohammad Hashem as Commerce minister.

While Mohammed al-Hakim was granted the Foreign Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry was granted for Saleh al-Hassani.  Ahmad Riyad al-Obeidi was granted the Youth Ministry, Alaa Abdul-Sahib al-Alwani was granted the health ministry, while the industry ministry was granted for Abdullah al-Jubouri.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 30 October 2018 10:57 PM