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Saairun Alliance denies submitting candidate for secretary-general post

The Coalition of Alliance Towards Reforms

The Saairun Alliance affirmed on Tuesday that no candidate was submitted for the post of secretary-General of the Council of Ministries.


The deputy of the coalition, Badr al-Ziadi, denied media statements on the submission of names to this post.


“The Coalition of Alliance Towards Reforms has not submitted any candidate for this post  but the Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi will select the candidate, according to the specifications that set to the person that will assign this post,” al-Ziadi said


The Iraqi Parliament convened to vote on the new cabinet andgovernment program on Wednesday, as it confirmed 14 ministers on the list. Also, 220 out of the 329 MPs gave the government a vote of confidence.

The Interior and Defense ministries, which are of key importance, haven’t been approved yet.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 30 October 2018 01:38 PM