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Large amount of food seized before smuggled from Iran to Kurdistan

Gov't plans military operation to secure oil route to Iran

A supervisor on Iran's Bashmakh international crossing, Azur Mahmoud, said in a press that a large amount of chicken livers was detected, secretly shipped from Iran in a tank to transport fuel.

The Bashmakh crossing links between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Mahmoud said that the tank was loaded with black oil to Iran and after returning from Iran, 1,800 kilograms of chicken livers, equivalent to 90 cartons were shipped to be sent to the markets later in an unhealthy way.

According to information provided by a security source at the crossing, the owner of the tank said following his arrest that before he returned from Iran to Kurdistan, he had been threatened by two smugglers and was forced to ship the material in his vehicle.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 30 October 2018 12:34 AM