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State of Law Coalition seeks to assume Ministry of Planning

The leader of State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, asserted on Sunday the necessity to end political conflicts and differences which are against the interests of the country.
The Head of State of Law Coalition Nouri al-Maliki

A political source close to the head of State of Law Coalition Nouri al-Maliki stated that the coalition received one ministry in the new cabinet, which is the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This is less than the quota deserved bt the Coalition, according to Maliki.

“We are now working to get the Ministry of Planning also,” the source added.


The Iraqi Parliament convened to vote on the new cabinet andgovernment program on Wednesday, as it confirmed 14 ministers on the list. Also, 220 out of the 329 MPs gave the government a vote of confidence.

The Interior and Defense ministries, which are of key importance, haven’t been approved yet.

Last Modified: Monday، 29 October 2018 02:02 PM