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Jaafari, Araji, agents of Iran in Iraq, must be brought to justice


After Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Qassim al-Araji, who are Iran's agents, left their ministerial posts following the formation of the new government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, people of Iraq has called for punishing them over their crimes in the ministries of interior and foreign affairs.

Former term in ministerial posts

Former Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Ibrahim al-Jaafari has been a war criminal in Iraq for 15 years. His role in the sectarian war requires him to appear before the Iraqi Judiciary for a fair trial. Moreover, the services he introduced to Iran and the militias at the expense of Iraq requires a severe punishment.

Qasim al-Araji, the former Interior Minister, announced once Iraq should build a statue for Iran's most recent criminal, Qassim Soleimani, the commander of the Iran's Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force.

Defending Iran

Although Jaafari committed a great number of crimes, yet, defending the Iranian influence in Iraq and rejecting compliance with US sanctions against Iran was the last major crime he had committed before he left the post.

He stated that Iraq and Iran are connected by "geographical neighborhood, historical and social benefits," adding: "we maintain these relations, and Iraq will not contribute to the siege of Iran, by direct or indirect [means]."

Jaafari stressed that Iraq takes into account neighboring countries, and avoids interfering in their sovereignty adding that it will not contribute to create an atmosphere that will drag the region into war.

Concerning shutting the US Consulate in Basra, where Iran's ambitions prevail, Jaafari described Iran as a "victim", saying that the Iranian consulate was targeted first.

 "Iran has been a victim before the US. Is it conceivable that the victim is [also] the culprit?" Jaafari stated. He said that the Iranian consulate was targeted and slogans were raised against Iran, although the latter "sent its best youth as military advisers to help Iraq in its war against terrorism."

Qassim al-Araji

Qassem al-Araji, the former interior minister, has been a pro-Iran official to the extent that no one would be surprised if Araji announced that he was going to serve in the Quds Force under Qassim Soleimani. The Quds Force is responsible for IRGC's extraterritorial operations.

In his well-known interview with Alsumaria before taking office, he called for building a statue of Soleimani in Iraq. He has been a leader of the Iranian-backed terrorist Badr Organization, headed by Hadi al-Amiri.

His biography says that Araji moved to Iran several years after the Iranian terrorist revolution and joined the Badr militia in Iran and was involved in training there to confront the Iraqi forces led by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Other sources say that Araji was a member of the Iraqi army during the Saddam Hussein era and participated in the war against Iran. However, he was captured by the Iranian forces and subsequently, he announced his loyalty to the Iranian regime while he was in captivity, this story was confirmed by Al-Arabiya TV station.

Araji's role in the Badr Organization

There is a lot of information concerning Araji's activity in Badr Organization. However it was confirmed that after Araji announced loyalty to the Iranian regime, he was transferred to a training camp of the Revolutionary Guards.

It was then considered the Badr Corps of the so-called Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, which was founded by Iran to include a number of parties and personalities of the Iraqi opposition Mahmoud Hashmi Shahroudi, who became years after the President of the judiciary in Iran, the first president of the Council and then took the presidency Mohammed Baqir Hakim until his death and the presidency became inherited in Hakim. After the fall of the regime in 2003, the Council changed its name to the Islamic Council and the Badr Corps became an organization involved in political work in Iraq, despite being a militia group.

During his activity in Iran, Araji was linked to the mobilization forces belonging to the Revolutionary Guards and the Quds. Al-Araji is also a personal friend for Soleimani.


All these evidences assert that these two former ministers must be brought to justice as soon as possible.


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