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Taiz authorities denounce Al-Jazeera’s lies, threaten to sue network

Houthis in Yemen

The local authorities of the Yemeni province of Taiz condemned the fabrications, lies and propaganda issued by Al-Jazeera, which aims to undermine the sacrifices of the national army and popular resistance, vowing to sue the Qatari network.

The Taiz authorities condemned in a press statement Tuesday morning an Al-Jazeera article titled "The Abu Al-Abbas Brigades", pointing out that it contained "a huge amount of lies, fabrications and disinformation."

The statement stressed that the province of Taiz is an effective model for respect, enshrining and embodying the values of civil life and respect for diversity and coexistence, stressing that the local authorities reserve the legal right to sue Al-Jazeera at an appropriate time and place for its media crimes against the rights, reputation and citizens of the province.

They also expressed their great pride and appreciation for the role played by the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in supporting the legitimacy to rid Yemen of the atrocities of the terrorist Houthi rebels.

The authorities of Taiz expressed their surprise at Al-Jazeera's insistence on avoiding referring to the crimes of the Houthis and their continuous campaign of terror against the land and people of Taiz, as well as how the channel does not recognize the amount of innocent civilians victimized by the Houthis.