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Iran ‘closer to nuclear weapons than we thought,’ global security watchdog

Iranian ballistic missiles manufactured inside Iraq - Sources

Iran was far closer to developing nuclear weapons than a global security watchdog previously thought, the Express reported on Thursday.

A damning document published by the Institute for Science and International Security said satellite imagery and information from a raid on a Tehran warehouse site in January “shows that Iran conducted at Parchin more high explosive tests related to nuclear weapons development than previously thought, this work appears to have involved more than what the IAEA called feasibility and scientific studies”.


It also said “the information highlights dual-use, controlled equipment used at the site, such as a flash x-ray system utilizing a Marx generator and a variety of neutron measurement equipment, with electronics, designed to monitor high speed, explosively driven tests of a neutron source commonly used in a nuclear weapon”.


The report, written by watchdog director David Albright, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) former Deputy Director General Olli Heinonen and other top experts, concluded the findings “shows that the Parchin site did house high explosive chambers capable for use in nuclear weapons research and development”.


The news follows a chilling warning by Iranian General Hossein Salami, second-in-command of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards force, who vowed to destroy Israel in a furious attack that raised fears of a major outbreak of conflict in the volatile Middle East.


Referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said: “I tell the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime that he should practice swimming in the Mediterranean.


“Because soon there will be no way to escape but the sea.”


General Salami went on to claim that Israel could be defeated by terror group Hezbollah, which Iran supports.