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Abdul Mahdi's reading of ministerial program violation of rules: Abdi


Jamila al-Abdi, a former parliament member, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's reading of the ministerial program to before the parliament to vote on it violates the parliamentary rules of procedure.

Abdi said that "there is a clear violation of the rules of procedure of the parliament regarding the mechanism for giving confidence through Prime Minister-designate Adil Abdul Mahdi by reading the ministerial program," noting that article (49 / II) stipulates that the ministerial program should be referred to a special committee headed by one of the Parliament Speaker deputies to prepare a report to be submitted to the council before voting on it.

"Under this item, the First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Hassan Kareem, not the Prime Minister, is obliged to read the report to the council before the vote," Abdi stated.

She added that there is no article allowing the prime minister to read the ministerial program and vote on it, and therefore the vote of the House of Representatives in accordance with Abdul Mahdi's reading is invalid for violating Article (49 / II) of the rules of procedure of the Parliament.


Last Modified: Thursday، 25 October 2018 02:38 AM