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Nasr Alliance figure rejects secret vote on Abdul Mahdi's gov't


Aras Habib, a prominent figure in Haider al-Abadi's Nasr Alliance, announced his rejection of the secret vote on the government of Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi presented at a parliamentary session to Wednesday evening.

Habib said in a statement that it is time for parliament members "to prove their worth in the representation" of their people and to keep their promises.

"I consider that the adoption of the mechanism of secret voting in the presentation of the government and other legislation and the parliament's decisions are a bad habit and a way to circumvent the will of the [people] and their higher interests, and a violation to the essence of parliament's responsibility to represent the voters honestly and clearly," Habib stated.

Meanwhile, National Wisdom Movement MP Jassim Mohan al-Bukhati predicted the parliament would pass the majority ministers in the new government in Wednesday's meeting, while voting on the remaining ministers would be postponed.

"It is hoped to pass 70 percent of the cabinet lineup today," Bukhati said in a press statement, adding that the vote on the remaining members of the cabinet may be postponed because of disputes between the political blocs on the candidates.

He said that Abdul Mahdi faces great pressure and these pressures will have a negative outcome, adding that the ministries of defense, interior, oil and foreign affairs are the most disputed among the political forces.


Last Modified: Thursday، 25 October 2018 04:35 AM