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National Axis to withdraw from gov't if not given Finance Ministry


The National Axis Alliance threatened to withdraw from the next government in case the alliance was not granted the required ministries, which is described as an electoral entitlement.

Ali al-Sajri, a member of the National Axis, said that the alliance seeks its electoral entitlement in Adil Abdul Mahdi's government, which is to obtain the post of finance minister.

Sajri added that Abdul Mahdi proposed granting the alliance the Ministry of Planning instead of the Ministry of Finance, even though the National Axis refused the proposal, affirming its adherence to its electoral entitlement.

He pointed out that the alliance will join the opposition and will not participate in the next government if it is not granted the ministries of finance and defense in addition to four other ministries.

An Iraqi source revealed earlier that Abdul Mahdi will form a government of 15 ministries on Wednesday and submit the names for a vote, adding that the Shiite blocs will hold 12 ministries, while six ministries will be given to the Sunni blocs, and three ministries will be granted for Kurds, while one ministry will be given for minorities.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 24 October 2018 09:24 PM