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Cancer types increases in south of Baghdad by 117 times after 2003: scientist


Iraqi researcher and scientist Iqbal Jaber revealed Monday the spread of cancerous diseases in large proportions in areas south of Baghdad as a result of environmental and health pollution.

"After I conducted continuous research for an area of 17 kilometers and a population of one million people, I found a higher level of radioactivity in their soil than the limits by hundreds and thousands of times," Jaber states. She added that she has monitored 51 types of cancer, which means that "it has multiplied by 117 times after 2003."

Jaber said that breast cancer has been on top of the diseases monitored, while colon cancer ranked second, adding that it is unfortunate to have young children under one year and even those under 50 years of age diagnosed with cancer.

The cases were diagnosed in the areas of al-Zafaraniya's Rustamiya, al-Wardiya, al-Tuwaitha, al-Madain and Greenhouses in al-Wahda area, Jaber said, adding that it was found that young people, including a five-year-old child and a nine-year-old, as well as people under 20 and under 60 years of age, got colon cancer.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 23 October 2018 01:26 AM