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Former PM Abadi will not retire from politics

Haider al-Abadi

Iraq’s former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced he is not leaving the political scene, a statement from Abadi’s office late Thursday suggested.

According to the statement al-Abadi hinted at the possibility of accepting a “sovereign” portfolio in the government of his successor, Adil Abdul Mahdi, and announced his intention to restructure his parliamentary Nasr bloc.

“Since the formation of the Nasr coalition, I declared that Nasr is a national project interested in citizenship, democracy, growth and healthy state-building in a manner that guarantees its unity, prosperity, and sovereignty, regardless of us winning or losing elections,” al-Abadi said in the statement. “Today, I renew my commitment to Nasr’s project as a basis that I will depend on and work for in Iraqi politics.

“I renew to you our faith and determination to continue with Nasr as a comprehensive constructive project that varies politically, socially, culturally, and in media,” he asserted.

He further insisted that he will not “retire from politics, regardless of any executive position.

Abadi denied that he had been offered any "ministerial position in the next line-up", indicating that if he was offered a position that serves “our project and strengthens our position,” then he would accept it.