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3 obstacles facing PM to form government: politician

Mohamed al-Sayhoud of the State of Law coalition asserted that three obstacles will face the new Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi while forming the new government.

Concerning the first obstacle, Sayhoud said that the political parties will be responsible for submitting a single name for each ministry to Abdul Mahdi.

Sayhoud said that this obstacle is the worst, adding that it had been the main reason behind the security and political instability since 2005.

While the second scenario, which Sayhoud said he expects it will be followed, will require the political parties to submit five names for each ministry, and subsequently, Abdul Mahdi will have the power to choose between the five candidates.

The new Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has entered into disputes with Sunni leaders, because they submitted the name of a single candidate for each ministry, a political source said on Friday.

The source said in a press statement, that Abdul Mahdi rejected some of the names submitted to him by the Sunni blocs, and called on them to submit five names for each candidate.

The third scenario grants Abdul Mahdi the full power to choose his candidates who he would be responsible for.

Mohamed al-Lakash, a member of the Ammar al-Hakim's National Wisdom Movement, affirmed his party's stance, calling on blocs and political powers, to abandon their share of the ministerial posts in the next cabinet.

Last Modified: Saturday، 20 October 2018 06:06 AM