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Iranian farmers demonstrate lack of water access, gov't inaction


For the 15th day, Isfahan's farmers are continuing to protest against the Iranian government's disregard to the danger behind the lack of access to water sources.

Angry farmers have been protesting the lack of water to irrigate their fields as Iran’s government has deprived them from access to regional water sources.

Isfahan was the scene of large protests by angry farmers in March and April as farmers have not been able to cultivate crops or irrigate their fields in the last 14 to 15 months.

Later, the government promised monetary compensation to farmers affected by the decisions, however, a farmer’s representative said that the low compensation angered the farmers and made them feel ridiculed by the government concerning the latter's promise.

Official numbers reveal that about 90 percent of Iran has been suffering drought for about 10 years. Isfahan considers agriculture and the industries based on it as a main source of income.

Last Modified: Friday، 19 October 2018 05:56 PM