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MP calls for more educators, schools on outskirts of Baghdad

Education min. fueled by IMIS, sectarianism, nepotism

MP Hussein al-Aqabi has called for developing an urgent plan to fill the shortage of educators and assign a proportion of the appointments exclusively to the children on the outskirts of Baghdad to ensure they stay in school.

Aqabi said in a statement, "We addressed the prime minister with an official letter stating that the areas of the capital Baghdad suffer from an educational reality that does not meet the citizens’ ambitions due to the lack of teaching staff and school buildings."

He warned of "the anger of the street towards this subject,” explaining that that the current circumstances limit the children of those areas to prepare for “demonstrations in the coming days in protest against this miserable educational reality."

Aqabi called for the budget of the education sector in 2019 to include a “plan to build new schools to accommodate the increasing numbers of children in those areas, especially as the percentage of the [teacher] shortage has become very large.”


Last Modified: Friday، 19 October 2018 11:18 AM