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Why has our country turned into hell?

After the moral, educational, religious, political, administrative and civil collapse of the parties in our country and the world because of those who are controlling the sources of money and economy:

Why do things turn out to be worse? Why do corruption, theft, looting, diseases increase? What is the reason behind moral, economic and intellectual fall?

Why can the new Iraq not witness civilized or at least civil progress, although Iraq is basically the country of wealth and civilizations, glories and parties, with 400 political Islamic and non-Islamic parties? They sell everything in the country to fill their pockets with money, while most of the 30-million population are unemployed.

This is the absolute reality that we are living. When media figures do not know the meaning and the definition of culture and thought, not to mention cosmic philosophy, and the belief that the graduate of a media course or who has a specialized certificate is the intellectual, then the situation will not only move to the worse, but even more demolitions and disasters will take place until our country becomes a hell!

The true thinker, not to mention the philosopher, becomes not only unknown and negligible in this medium, but is killed, fought or exposed to harm, siege, starvation, humiliation and displacement when he emerges, just because his presence distorts the current situation and drive it towards what corrupt heads, rulers, and parties really hate. The problem is ignorance would push people to support them.

This catastrophic tragedy reminds me of the days of the Saddam Hussein era, during which the citizen, because of the policy of starvation, was racing to write a report about a believer, the violation of the privacy of others, robbery, or hypocrisy for partisan, military or civilian rank, so that people for him are like wolves eating each other.

If a person supposedly has any remains of mercy in his heart and all he was doing was to take a neutral position, believing that his neutral position would not support the oppressor, but he did not know he had disappointed the right thing and did not support it at all.

After this intellectual illiteracy and even the complex ignorance of the rulers, why should people be accused of ignorance and backwardness, and why should they be blamed for electing the corrupt and not knowing their rights? The poverty and destitution they live then becomes normal amid the waves of corrupt party officials and the dreadful history and education.

Especially after people gained their beliefs from those pretending to claim that religion is limited to individual rituals, tradition and celebration of seasonal events and that's all. Therefore, it was normal to find laws designed that have nothing to do with justice and dignity, and only serve the interests of the rulers and their parties.


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