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Bulgaria to participate in NATO mission Iraq


The Bulgarian government reached a resolution to participate in the NATO Mission Iraq (NMI).

Bulagria is joining the NMI with four fully-equipped army servicemen.

A Bulgarian cabinet statement said, “The inclusion of Bulgaria in the NMI is a practical expression of our contribution to the NATO's efforts in the fight against terrorism and in the preparation and capacity building of Iraqi security forces and institutions."

The statement added that the NMI was introduced in July to act as a non-violent mission which focuses on training and capacity building in Iraq.

The NMI was launched at the NATO summit in Brussels this July as a non-combat mission aimed at training and capacity building in Iraq, it said.

It is also pertinent to mention that Slovakia sent 25 service members to Iraq in the NATO mission this year.

Bulgaria has been a NATO member since 2004. In Iraq, the Balkan country participated in the U.S.-led Operation Iraqi Freedom, and NATO Training Mission-Iraq.