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'Traitors' enabled Iran to extend its influence in region: Nuaimi

Sultan Al-Nuaimi

Sultan Al-Nuaimi, an Emirati academic specializing in Iranian affairs, said that the regime in Tehran would never have thought of extending its influence in the Arab region except with the help of "traitors" who justify standing against the interests of their countries.

The Emirati academic also launched an attack on the Qatari policy that stands against the Gulf states. He said that there a group of people who have been renounced by their homelands are running the Qatari Al-Jazeera network, pointing out that their first and last concern is to see the Arab world unstable.

He added that Al-Jazeera continues to broadcast its reports and "poisons" against Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries, in an orchestrated attack by hateful people who are "thirsty for money and power."


Last Modified: Thursday، 18 October 2018 12:52 AM