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Basra's water contains fatal levels of sulfur

Water contamination crisis is worsening in Basra amid complete gov’t silence
A fact-finding mission revealed Wednesday the extent of pollution of Basra’s water, which it asserted contained fatal levels of sulfur.

The documents issued by the mission stated that Basra’s water could be deadly if used for drinking, pointing out that the sulfur ratios reveal an indescribable waste.

The report added that the people of Basra intend to bring legal proceedings against the competent government authorities.

The number of people who have been poisoned by contaminated drinking water in Basra has reached 111,000, according to UN Envoy to Iraq Mehdi Tamimi.

In August, 17,000 people were reported to have been admitted to hospitals over illness from the polluted water.

Moreover, Tamimi called on the central government and local authorities to adopt a clear position on the issue.

Mass protests erupted in Basra in July, with clean water and proper facilities as their top demands.