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Iranian official reveals 1bn liters of fuel smuggled in 3 months

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Ali Moayedi, head of Iran's Central Task Force to Combat the Smuggling of Commodities and Currency

Ali Moayedi, the head of Iran's Central Task Force to Combat the Smuggling of Commodities and Currency, revealed that more than 1 billion liters of fuel have been smuggled from Iran over the past two or three months.

Moayedi said that the smuggling of fuel from Iran to neighboring countries is due to the difference between fuel prices in Iran and neighboring countries. He added that such action wastes the wealth of the Iranian people, describing it as "organized smuggling".

Moayedi said the only way to stop fuel theft is to discuss and correct the fuel prices.

"If a balance is created between the price of fuel inside and outside the country, the rate of fuel smuggling will be reduced," he asserted.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 17 October 2018 11:00 PM