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70% of Iraq's water stems from neighboring countries: Water Min.

Greenery along the Diyala in Iraq

Iraq's Minister of Water Resources Hassan al-Janabi said that 70 percent of Iraq's water stems from neighboring countries, calling for positive action concerning Iraq's demand to respect its water rights.

This came during a conference of the water ministers in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Cairo on Monday. The meeting discussed the executive plans for the vision of the organization during the coming period.

The minister said in a speech during the meeting that Iraq is dealing with the water situation in terms of the state's keenness to maintain cooperation with its Islamic neighbors, as 70 percent of its water comes from neighboring Islamic countries.

He added that the continuous shortage of water for about 40 years has become a threat to the state's stability and thus the stability of the region.

"We are [consequently] concerned about the fate of our water shares in light of the continued construction of dams, the expansion of the use of shared water resources, and the diversion of some of the rivers and tributaries that are going towards our country," Janabi stated.

The minister added that Iraq is now rebuilding the irrigation facilities that terrorism had spoiled, adding that the country is looking forward to the support of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


Iran announced earlier that it was cutting of 7 billion cubic meters of water from its western border with Iraq on orders from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Iran had previously cut off its tributaries that feed the Tigris River in Iraq, which caused the water levels in the river to drop significantly.

Last Modified: Monday، 15 October 2018 09:59 PM