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Four women expected to receive ministerial posts

Hanan Fatlawi
Hanan al-Fatlawi
Informed political sources have revealed a preliminary agreement on the appointment of four women in Iraq's new government.

The sources said that the Prime Minister-designate Adil Abdul Mahdi has agreed in principle to grant the post of health minister to former parliamentarian Hanan al-Fatlawi as part of the Fatah Alliance’s share in the new government.

There is fierce competition between Sarwa Abdul Wahid and National Iraqi Alliance leader Maysoon al-Damluji for the Ministry of Culture, according to the sources.

The sources also pointed out that Abdul Mahdi does not mind Shuroq Abayji taking over the Ministry of Water Resources or KDP MP Vian Dakhil, the sole Yazidi in Iraq’s parliament, heading the Ministry of Migration and Displacement.