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Iran's long history of assassinating its opponents in Europe


In light of Iran's malicious attempts to destroy the region and undermine its stability, Tehran's terrorist affiliates have existed everywhere. Even the European continent could not stay free of Iran's destructive terrorism. Tehran supports terrorist militias to carry out its agenda in the European territories.

There were numerous crimes committed by the Iranian terrorists in Europe, the latest of which was the conspiracy of the Iranian intelligence services to carry out a terrorist attack against an Iranian opposition conference in the French city of Villepinte last June, but this scene was preceded by many others.

The assassination Kurdistan Democratic Party leader

Press reports reported that Iranian militia assassinated in Vienna in 1989, Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, who was leading the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Iran.

Security forces in Vienna arrested those involved in the incident, including one with a diplomatic passport. However, the passport holder was deported to Iran as a result of Tehran's pressure on Vienna.

Iran then spoke indirectly about the incident, saying that "they are capable of hurting the KDP figures".

The assassination of 4 Kurds in Berlin

In 1992, four Iranian Kurds were sitting in a Greek restaurant in Berlin. The Iranian regime stroke them with a treacherous attack that ended their lives, before they can even eat their food.

Five years later, a German court decided to issue an international arrest warrant for Iran's intelligence minister, Ali Fallahiyan, after confirming that he had ordered the assassination with the knowledge of Iran's supreme guide.

International organizations denounced the incident as the London-based Amnesty International considered the assassination in Germany a part of a plan to kill Iranian political opponents.

Drugs smuggling

Drugs were part of Iran's shameful record. The German authorities arrested two Lebanese men at Frankfurt airport, carrying more than 8 million euros earned by a cocaine smuggling network of the terrorist Hezbollah's militia.

Security forces followed the record of the two men and found that they had been trained in Hezbollah militia camps.

In 2009, two other men from the same terrorist network were arrested for involvement in smuggling drugs from Beirut to Europe.

Attempted bombing failed

In 2015, Cyprus foiled an Iranian terrorist attempt carried out by a Lebanese citizen of Canadian origin, Hussein Bassam Abdullah.

Abdullah decided to store a large quantities of explosive materials to make explosive devices implement terror attacks. He was arrested in possession of 8.2 tons of ammonium nitrate used in the manufacture of explosives.

Abdullah made confessions that revealed he is a member of Hezbollah's militia.

Malicious steps

Iran, however, decided to pursue the path of terrorism by malicious steps, targeting Cypriot tourism in 2012.

However, its efforts were foiled after Cypriot security forces launched a pre-emptive strike on Hossam Yaqoub, a Swedish person of Lebanese descent who had served Hezbollah.

Yacoub had planned to target a group of tourists in Cyprus, but his attempt was foiled after he was monitored by the Cypriot authorities who put him behind bars after he was arrested at the hotel he chose as the scene of his failed act.

Iran has along history with crimes practiced against Europe and the European people. It used assassination, explosives and drugs to target their opponents in Europe as well as raising more money to keep on its plot to spread its heinous ideology around the world. Europe must give more attention to the Iranian practices and crimes in the continent or else Iran's threat will reach the whole world.

Last Modified: Monday، 15 October 2018 05:44 PM