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‏ Abdel Mahdi should form 'balanced' cabinet away from pressure: MP

Adil Abdulmahdy

MP Raed Fahmy of the Coalition of Alliance Towards Reform stated on Sunday that his alliance will not pressure Prime Minister Abdel Mahdi in forming the new capinet.

He stated in press remarks, “We seek not allowing Mahdi the chance to say he cannot hold the ministers accountable, or that he was pushed into choosing one of them."

He also stated that a proper formation of the government will contribute to providing services to the Iraqi citizen. He also stressed that, “the participation of women should be effective in the upcoming government and in a fair manner as they were absent in the former one."

Fahmy revealed Saturday that Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi will announce the newcabinet in the next 10 days.

Fahmy that Mahdi will be choosing between candidates who submitted their resumes online as well as independent candidates and nominees of political blocs.

He also pointed out that the number of ministries might be reduced to 21 or even merged, pointing out that Mahdi currently has many resumes of various expertise and skills that he may consider for important official positions in his government.

Mahdi, announced on Friday that around 15,184 Iraqi citizens have submitted their resumes on a website he launched earlier for nominations to ministerial posts in the anticipated cabinet.

On Oct. 2, newly-elected Iraqi President Barham Salih nominated Abdul-Mahdi to form the country’s new government after consensusbetween parliamentary blocs.

Mahdi served as Minister of Oil in Haider al-Abadi’s government but resigned in 2016 after two years in office. He was also vice-president between 2005 and 2011.

Last Modified: Sunday، 14 October 2018 12:22 PM